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Virtual Care & eReferral

MIS is launching two new exciting Mustimuhw solution offerings to support both virtual care priorities and care coordination: eVisit and eRequest. Both of these offerings are through the Mustimuhw partnership with Novari Health.

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Novari eVisit

A state-of-the-art virtual care solution that enables your clients to access their Health Centre care providers through secure messaging and/or video conferencing. Clinical encounters are encapsulated and documented in the context of a “visit” to be charted and reported through the cEMR.

Virtual access, through desktop computer or mobile devices, to nursing, mental health, and other allied providers greatly enhances the client-provider communication and convenience. It is not intended to replace normal clinical encounter workflow but rather to enhance it.

Novari eRequest

A robust health eReferral system that enables real-time electronic management and routing of referrals.

Most Indigenous Health Centres struggle with paper/fax external referral processes. In addition to having greater privacy risks, utilization of fax referrals adds extra time and effort to the referral process and adds little in terms of business intelligence and tracking. The eRequest solution offers a fully digital process that supports both efficiency and the ability to track referral status and monitor wait times. The deployment of the solution allows for a gradual transition from fax referrals to a fully digital process.

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